Basic rules of texint girls

simple rule of textingRelationships are a very important part of our lives since they consume so much of our time and energy. Interacting with another person can be a challenge at times because of perception. Each person can perceive a situation, a word, or an emotion in many different ways and it may vary from the way that someone else may have perceived the exact same thing. This is because we all come from different backgrounds and have different ways of understanding and interpreting the world. In relationships with girl, the most important thing is for the guy to try to understand how she is going to perceive something.

This is also the issue when it comes to texting. Even though texting has become fully acceptable in our society, even for important things and not just for simple things, it is not the best way of communication. The reason for that is that something may be misinterpreted very easily. Simply because there is no actual tone of voice used when texting. A text such as “Meet me for lunch” can be very exciting on the one hand, but it may also freak someone out since they may believe that something bad has happened and you need to meet up with them immediately. For more information about Bobby Rio’s texting guide you can check this magnetic messaging review.

In order to text girls and be more successful and avoid awkward misunderstandings, one thing that has to be done is to use punctuation marks. Do not be afraid to use exclamation marks, more than one, and generally avoid using too many ellipses dots. Also, another way to get to a girl is through emoticons. Girls love seeing emoticons because it helps them better understand how you feel about what is being said This is also a way to pass on your tone of voice through texts. Again, you must not over exaggerate or use way too many emoticons but you should definitely use a few at times.

Another important thing to keep in mind when texting a girl is that she shouldn’t wait forever for your response. Guys usually think that it makes them “cool” to reply to a text after a lot of time has passed but in reality it only makes a girl annoyed. Of course you should’t be right over your phone and respond immediately, but do not wait for more than 3-5 minutes. Also, keep in mind that when texting it is an easier way of communicating than saying certain things in person. However, some things, such as breaking up with a girl, would be a terrible idea to do over a text message. So, make sure that you know what is and what isn’t appropriate to text to a girl.

Through the way that a girl responds you will be able to understand whether she likes you or not. If she is very taciturn and takes a long time to respond it probably means that she is not interested. However, keep in mind that if the girl is into you, she will be affected by your text. This is why, when texting a girl, you should try to think what would make her smile when she reads the message!