How to do better result in Examination

Exams are part and parcel of every pupil, student, teacher, lecturer and everyone who is involved in education. They are tests which determine what you have learned and acts as a marking bench to tell if you are ready to go to the next level. Its always everyone’s aim to pass the exams by registering better results. Here are ways and tips on how to do better results in SSC examination and give a pass to the next level.

Better results come with the knowledge absorbed and acquired. This is achieved through paying attention in all your classes. Focusing, concentrating and being serious with all that is taught. Take important notes when learning. It’s one of the simple way to absorb information being passed. They give you an easy time and act as a reference when studying later. Make sure you attempt all homework and assignments given. There is a high possibility the main test will contain them. Attempt them like you are doing a main test with a lot of seriousness and concentration. A good way to remember is by using tricks and mnemonics.

This involves using lists, categories and numbers to remember what has been taught. It makes it simple to recall things during the exam. For example, “King Peter Cried Over Fallen Great Son”, a simple way to remember the biological classifications (Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genius, Species). Test yourself with the tests from textbooks and any other reference that is important. Revise thoroughly and improve on your weakest areas. Practice makes perfect. And most important, don’t skip or miss classes for no good reason. A class missed is knowledge lost and will give you a hard time to learn what was taught by yourself.

After learning, the best way to get all the knowledge on your mind is by studying hard and smart. Have a habit of studying frequently and don’t wait for a week or some days to the exams to start studying. Commence studying the very first class of the semester or term. And when studying, give yourself some breaks to give your brain some room to absorb and be ready to absorb more Know and use your studying style. Different people having different studying styles. If you like studying while walking, use it to the fullest. Some like studying when listening to music. Studies have proven that listening to your favorite songs triggers and wakes up the brain and increase awareness.

Your body is very vital and determines the results of your exam. A hungry stomach won’t able go think straight during a test. Always make sure you have something in your stomach before the test. Not too much and not too little. Eat a healthy diet that works well with your stomach. A diet full of lean proteins is a good recommendation. Avoid eating what you are not used to before the test. Eating healthy boosts brain performance. Sleep helps in relaxing the body including the brain. Always make sure you get enough sleep. Always sleep early in the night before the test. Water is very important. Drink lots of water and avoid staying dehydrated for it affects the way you thinks.

On the day of the test, have everything with you and be on the exam test 30 minutes earlier. Have a calculator, pens, pencils, erasers and any other supply that you need for the test. This can cause distraction and even make you lose focus and concentration on the test if you lack some Arriving there early ensures you adapts the environment well and you are able to settle. As soon as the test starts, write down first the important things such as formulas. Start attempting the problems you know first. If you get stuck to one question, move to the next. Time is of the essence and the more you attempt, the more marks to score.

Look out for clues in other questions. Some questions interrelate. Have a habit of not leaving blank spaces for questions you don’t know. Read the question at the back of your mind and write down what comes in your mind. Another important thing is to always keep track of time remaining and use it well Check your answers before handing over the answer sheet.

Always have a positive attitude towards every test because it will ensure good result in JSC examination. This prepares your mind and brain. Helps them to think straight and provide the necessary information. If you apply all this ways and tips on how to better result in examination, you will always be passing with good grades and flying colors. Tests will be a good loyal friend.