How To Get A Girl To Like You

How To Get A Girl To Like YouGetting a girl to like you require some efforts and the success is largely determined by the prowess of your communication and body language that you assume during the first time of your encounter and the subsequent encounters. The following are practical steps on How To Get A Girl To Like You.

When you spot a girl whom you want to turn into your love partner in any setting be it social or on the way , muster confidence and enthusiasm and greet her, hold her hand tightly , while smiling and looking at her eyes. Don’t disengage your hand from hers immediately, keep it there for like four seconds as you inquire her about her name and appreciate her for something which you have noticed in her which is worth of genuine praise, may be her hair, her outfit, her smile or even her beautiful hands

Once the greeting is over, spark a conversation. Look for something and initiate a conversation about it For instance, comment on the weather. You can remark “what an unusual weather? how do you see it Debra?” She can say if let’s say it’s raining , ” I like the weather it is good for the plants”. Believe you me, you have gotten something by which to fuel the conversation. Ask her whether she has a garden. Then comment on her initiative, her efforts and her appreciation for nature. Encourage her to talk and let her suggestions or comments be the source of the direction of the conversation. Embrace probing questions, follow up

comments and questions. As you converse keep your eyes fixed on her face and nod often and elicit nonverbal cues to express interest and approval of what she is telling you.

Encouraging her to talk will make enable you to know what she loves and appreciating her taste, her social standing or anything which she holds dear will confirm to her that whatever she loves it’s worth loving. However, strive to refrain from talking about yourself as much as possible, let the object of your desire get all the attention.

There are requisite mannerisms that you should embrace in order to drive the girl of your desire crazy. However, they vary according to the setting of your encounter. When you sport her in a social setup when at close quarters, smile at her for sometimes looking directly at her eyes and finally nod. This shows your acceptance for her and that you would want to talk to her. Then walk to where she is seated if there is no congestion and you can secure a seat next to her. Once you have secured a seat greet her enthusiastically, while smiling at her and then spark a conversation with her During the conversation fix your eyes on her face, sometimes taking side trips to her hair and her torso. All along the conversation be calm and avoid touching topics which ladies do not like, and seem to identify with what she suggests. This shows that you are connected in some ways.

Imitate her reactions. IF she notices a sight which she seems to resent and darts her glance outside do the same. If she interlocks her hands at the front forming an arc, follow suit. This makes her believe that you match with her and you love what she loves.

Once you succeed in your first encounter thank her for her company and tell her that you would want to meet her again. Next time you meet and during the subsequent meetings sell yourself to her through your communication skills and body language and show interest in what she loves and she will like you and you will win her