How to impress guys

how to impress guysHello my beautiful friends, this is Chetana J S and today I am going to tell you some of my secrets how I keep my guy around me all the time Lets admit to the fact that the common fantasy of every beauty is that she wants her man to always stick to her side and to be the boss in the relationship. It is true at least in my case! So without wasting much time I will reveal my secrets to you to help you to capture his heart completely. Now, we all know every man wants to have a girl about whom he can show off, who is attractive and carry herself well among his friend circle. Step 1: Being attractive is not about your shape or size, it is how you present your self and how you carry yourself with good amount of self confidence. It is about the elegance; sensuality. Your guy wants other guys to envy him. So make sure you always wear comfortable clothing in which you can carry yourself really well. Do not wear dresses which expose your body parts, keep in mind that being sexy is about sensuality and not sexuality. Wear decent amount of make up on your pretty face to make it prettier, but remember you are not going to walk on the ramp so don’t come out like a cake face full of foundation and concealers and primers and all that stuff. Try to use minimum make up. Our grandma’s have been telling this to us that a way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. And it is to quite a good extent true too. So, time to cook! Step 2: Find out what your guy likes in food, you can find this out with the help of his mother or any relative or any common friend. Make his favorite delicacies for him at least once in a month. If you don’t know how to make it, you can learn the recipe with the help of Internet. Chaussures Asics Pas Cher Make sure, after dining your guy could want to kiss your hands. Remember we want to be the boss. How to be the boss without being too dominating? Step 3: Now, there are always some puppy arguments in a relationship. But, you are not going to let him win. You don’t even want to lose him by being too dominating. Be the boss in disguise. Sweet words and puppy eyes do the magic. Be as sweet as sugar and make the cutest face you can to prove yourself right. You get two advantages by this, first is that you become the boss unknowingly and secondly he falls in love with your cute puppy face and those innocent expressions of yours. Lastly, this one is the bumper prize secret which not many of you’ll know. bns gold So ready beauties? Three, two, one! There you go.. Step 4: Never show him your needs. Didn’t get me completely? I will elaborate it for you then. Never tell your man how much you need him, want him. Never reveal all your feelings for him. That does not mean saying no love you’. But it means you slightly show him that you can manage without him and that you won’t breakdown after him. oakley femme pas cher This will keep his mind focused on you Never say it to him directly, but show it to him indirectly. Girls, believe me or no, but this one is really worth it. And it is working for me in the right way since a year. Now, its time for you to go through it once again. Summary: Be sexy, elegant, attractive. nike air max 2017 dames Dress properly when in a group of friends. soldes air max 1 pas cher Look desirable! Cook his favorite dishes for him on holidays. Be the boss in disguise, remember not to be over dominating or it can give negative outcomes. Last but not the least, never show him how much you need him. Don’t let him take you for granted. Thank you for reading. Now its time for action.