The tao of badass review

tao-of-badass-bookThe tao of badass is an online program that seeks to teach men how to get any sexy and hot lady they want. It is written by Joshua Pellicer, a dating expert, who teaches men all the secrets behind getting the girl they want to have. The tao of badass is a different and unique dating guide that addresses the essential and workable techniques for getting the girl you want, getting noticed by the girls and or more girls asking you out for a date. Before you purchase any program, you should consider the author or creator. Search for how much experience the author has in the particular topic of discussion.

About the Author

Joshua Pellicer is well known for offering dating advice to men across the globe. He has been featured in many radios and TV shows where he shares dating tips. In addition, Joshua Pellicer has been featured in a number of magazines and newspapers like the New York Times.

What You Learn From the Program

The tao of badass is more of a jam pack filled with effective and trilling dating tips especially for men. For example, it teaches men how to behave when there are a number of guys competing to be noticed by one hot woman. If you feel scary interacting and talking with girls, this program offers the rights tips to assist you talk and interact with girls without fear. Other topics learn include;

Body language: the program explains different types of body language that should be used at different interaction stages and how they can be adjusted to reflect how the woman is reacting. Most techniques discourage too much leaning and using body language to reward or punish behaviour. However, try not to overthink about the exact position of your body.

Gender roles: it outlines how a strong masculine energy attracts a strong feminine energy and why men should always play the male gender role. This is unique since most of the dating programs do not talk about this in detail. There is a lot of information about gender roles in the tao of badass book that include beyond dating and how it builds long lasting and healthy relationship.

Judging someone’s value: this entails trying to workout someone’s value level based on some numerical figure of between six and ten. The theory states that the best way to deal with people is through understanding how they operate then you figure out how to deal with them. Though this sounds great theoretically, in real world it would be hard to implement.

Passing tests from women: an idea that is commonly shared in the dating community is women testing men. The tao of badass program describes the various tests that are thrown at men by women being either compliance or congruency tests. For example, it mentions the response you should give to a lady when she asks to wait for her as she does something. It states a sufficient response though it may not be the best.

Creating rapport and forming deep connections: if you are a guy and you struggle with creating connections with women, this program would be of help to you. There is plenty on how to do this in the right manner, when and how to exercise wide and deep rapport. Joshua describes how most guys try to create rapport before attraction and defines how you should know the right time to create rapport. He goes a step further to discuss the process of creating love. It involves creating rapport then bonding over the emotional life lessons and experiences you share.


The tao of badass program covers a lot of concepts that are essential to boost the success of men in attracting women. For example, as mentioned above, it covers topics like how and why women test men, how to create rapport and importance of gender roles.


Most of the practical examples do not quite relate to the same standard as the theory and ideas presented. It entails lots of marketing in the bonus section and less important and effective topics on verbal attraction and meeting women.


This is a man’s book. If you want to understand how and why women behave the way they do or want to create a strong and meaningful relationship with women, this book is a must have.