Things That Women Like To See In a Man

Things That Women Like To See In ManWomen do not really want much from men. There are a number of things that women like to see in a man. Although these qualities are hard to come by; they are qualities that men are capable of acquiring. Self Confidence

Women are attracted to men who are sure about themselves. Essentially, confidence is a reflection of value as it describes his strength, intelligence and charisma. Women want to be around confident men, since they are bound to have quality time with them. The look on a man’s face is one of the first things women notice, as such; a smile is a great way of showing confidence. Tentatively, good grooming is important in displaying confidence. Women are attracted to well-groomed men; consequently, they are turned off by a poorly dressed man.


Women are inclined to men who do little things in show respect. As such, she is compelled to believe

that the man can respect her family and people they interact with A respectful man, more often than not, would consult her woman on mutual problems, before making any decisions.

Having a sense of Compassion

A woman does not only want to have a man who not only has love for her, but a love for life, as well

as, living things. A kind man is attractive, as others will look up to him. Therefore, being kind and mindful of others, are not perceived as a weakness, but a man’s willingness to have an open heart. In this regard, a sense of compassion shows her that you can love.

Physical and mental strength

There is no woman who would want to have a physically weak man, as it is against most women’s

nature. It doesn’t imply that she has to settle for a herculean man, but she wants a strong man; when she is around him. Women want their man to have a practice of self control and intelligence, essentially because they can Being strong for her brings pleasure, makes her feel safe and turns her on


Honesty, one of the most significant things that women like to see in a man, is paramount in defining a man’s trust. Therefore, women do not want men who will lie to her about significant matters. She is interested in knowing the things that are going on in his life, as well as, bridge trust with his man.

Consequently, they can be able to share pleasant experiences and memories with her man. A woman doesn’t want the truth in all matters, as brutal honest isn’t warranted for things like her appearance, weight and hair cut.

Conclusively, these qualities are important for any man as it garners the interest of women.